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The Karoo forges an arid path across the South African heartland. At first glance it is a desert wilderness, but the region is teeming with life. Inverdoorn Game Reserve makes a significant contribution in restoring and maintaining the abundant fauna and flora of the area. Various species of wild animals, including the Big 5, roam free across this sprawling 10 000-hectare reserve. It is also home to one of the most prominent cheetah rehabilitation centres in the world.

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In 2012 Inverdoorn became a Big 5 safari destination with the addition of two male elephants. The other sought-after members of the Big 5 – the lion, buffalo, mysterious leopard and threatened rhino – are also present. Located close to Cape Town, there is no need to travel far to see game in such numbers. Inverdoorn is the largest Big 5 game reserve and safari destination this close to Cape Town, boasting more wild animals than any other private game reserve and safari lodge in the region.


With many species of antelope and other mammals – including hippo, zebra and giraffe – as well as numerous bird species, Inverdoorn delivers an unparalleled safari experience. The Karoo once teemed with cheetah, lion, buffalo and antelope; but were virtually wiped out to make way for agriculture.

Private game reserves such as Inverdoorn play an important ecological role in the Western Cape by reintroducing animals into the region and making it accessible to all through affordable day visits and overnight stays.


One of Inverdoorn’s key features is the cheetah rehabilitation program. Since its inception in 2001, the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation has saved 14 cheetahs. They are undoubtedly an extraordinary addition to a safari experience. Inverdoorn is the largest wildlife refuge in the Western Cape; but the cheetah is facing extinction in the wild – thus initiatives such as the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation lead the way forward to survival.

Guests have the opportunity to meet the cheetahs* (for guests opting for five-star accommodation, this is inclusive) and the privilege of witnessing a cheetah reach speeds of up to 120km p/h is simply awe-inspiring.


Iziba Safari Lodge provides luxury safari accommodation for all tastes and budgets. With four and five-star options, there is a luxurious option available for all. The lodge accommodation provides peace and quiet and allows visitors unparalleled vantage points from which to enjoy the scenery.


Just two and a half hours away from the bustling city, Cape Town, the drive to Inverdoorn is short and sweet, packed with charming roadside attractions.

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*Cheetah interactions are subject to the right weather conditions and booking. If you are travelling to the game reserve with children under the age of 16, for their safety, they will not be able join you when interacting with the cheetah. Babysitting services are available if required.

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