Exclusive Cheetah Interaction
Saving the fastest running animal on Earth

The first time you see a cheetah in close proximity at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge may be when the resident tame cheetahs, Velvet or Iziba, go on walkabouts with their handlers around the lodge. This is a truly magical experience. Many of the rescued cheetahs have a heart-warming, and sometimes heartbreaking, story that the handlers will eagerly share with you.

Western Cape Cheetah Conservation

Inverdoorn offers guests the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to grips with a cheetah through the exclusive chance to spend time interacting with them. Whether stroking and petting the cheetahs or giving them water, it is an amazing experience. Guests who opt for the five-star luxury accommodation packages automatically enjoy the one-on-one encounters, while an optional extra package is available to other overnight guests and even day visitors.

The cheetah is a very sensitive animal and so every care is taken to minimise their stress when being exposed to guests. We will make every effort to ensure an encounter, but there are certain conditions to be strictly adhered to:

Cheetah interactions are subject to the right weather conditions and availability.
Cheetah interactions are not available in the winter season (1 May – 30 September), except with a 5-star accommodation booking.
Children aged 16 and under will not be able to partake in cheetah interactions. Babysitting services are available for a nominal fee.
Do not wear sunglasses or loose clothing that can flap in the wind.
Do not call or whistle at the cheetah.
Always listen to the handlers.

These packages are designed to give you an exciting experience and to educate and encourage you to get involved. The money raised through these packages goes directly towards the work at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation for the continued rescue, rehabilitation and research into saving the cheetah for generations to come.

Book your visit to Inverdoorn today and get to know our cheetahs.

Exclusive cheetah interaction experience

Interact with tamed cheetahs at Inverdoorn

As part of the cheetah Interaction you will get to know them by touching, observing and even capturing the moment with a photograph.