Track a Free-Roaming Cheetah
Cheetahs released at Inverdoorn

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. After a lot hard work and high hopes from the dedicated team at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC), the second step in our rescue and rehabilitation programme has been completed. The cheetah centre at Inverdoorn has been rescuing cheetahs for 12 years with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating them for release into the wild. We are overjoyed to announce that we have released two of the wild cheetahs into the main reserve.

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Western Cape Cheetah Conservation

The rescue and rehabilitation of the cheetahs is complimented by the breeding and interaction programmes. The former aims to increase the number of the species, as well as their genetic diversity. The interactions allow guests to meet Velvet and Iziba, our tame cheetahs, while chatting to the handlers and volunteers about the conservation of this amazing big cat.

Those who have visited Inverdoorn will be familiar with the WCCC and its work. Besides interacting with cheetahs and visiting the centre during the game drives at the reserve, guests have the opportunity of watching cheetahs run after the sunset safari. These runs form an important part of both the breeding and rehabilitation programmes.

More good news follows, because we will be giving you the option of adding an additional cheetah experience to your trip. Together with one of our guides or handlers, you will be able to explore the vast plains of Inverdoorn searching for the wild cheetahs which have been released. Should your tracking be successful, you will see them roaming free in the wild. What makes this moment even more special is the knowledge that these are rescued cheetahs that have known hardship and pain and been on a long journey to freedom. Once you find them you will have the privilege of watching them adjust to the wild and, if they are feeling confident, practice their hunting skills.

Conservation is at the root of Inverdoorn and the cheetah has become the emblem for the reserve’s mission to rescue animals and give them back their rightful home. Join us today in making our vision, your dream and the cheetah’s desire for freedom come true. Your stay will help raise awareness and funds, so that hopefully one day all our cheetahs can have a future in the wild.


Cheetah tracking times are not set and bookings can only be made at the lodge. Guests will be informed about times at the lodge.
Sessions can last from one to two hours.
Tracking sessions are only available to overnight guests.
Price: R860.00 per session


• The cheetahs’ space and comfort remain foremost.
• Tracking is subject to weather and availability.
• Tracking is limited to a maximum of six people per session.
• Children aged 16 and under will not be allowed on the tracking sessions.
• Listen to your guide and handlers at all times.
• Sightings during trackings are not guaranteed.


Your decision to book a cheetah tracking session goes a long way in aiding Inverdoorn and the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation in saving the cheetah.
Here are more ways that you can help:
• Donate
• Like us on Facebook
• Follow us on Twitter
• Meet a cheetah
• Volunteer
• Spread the word

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Track a free roaming cheetah

Rescuing cheetahs for 12 years with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating them to be released into the wild.

Enjoy the experience to explore the vast plains of Inverdoorn searching for the wild cheetahs which have been released.