Welcome to Inverdoorn game reserve
Meet Africa’s greatest wildlife,  2.5 hours away from Cape Town

Inverdoorn Game Reserve, Iziba Safari Lodge and Kuganha tented camp are situated in Ceres, within the klein karoo.

Guests have the opportunity to unwind and experience the exhilarating beauty of the Karoo, and get to meet the big cats which are the heart and soul of Inverdoorn.

In 2001 Cape Cheetah was established, which aims to rescue and rehabilitate cheetahs and ultimately, release them into the wild. In 2012 Inverdoorn became home to the Big 5. Since its inception, the reserve has re-introduced many of the members into the region through their conservation efforts. The male lion was rescued from trophy hunting, while rhinos have a long history at the reserve, with the conservation led by RhinoProtect.

You are bound to see these majestic creatures on a safari. The search for the Big 5 is the highlight of many safaris, and Inverdoorn delivers an once-in-a-lifetime experience searching for these famous creatures.

Iziba safari lodge & Kuganha tented camp

Designed to complement the arid beauty of the karoo, guest have the opportunity to relax in style and comfort. With the tranquil ambiance created by Inverdoorn, this has become the perfect safari destination to unwind and take in the wonders and beauty of nature. Whichever accommodation option you choose, Inverdoorn Guarantees that your comfort and safari interests will be catered to.

They are talking about us
  • Very pleasant and accessible African experience. Accommodation and service very good. The Cheetah sanctuary and interaction with Velvet the female Cheetah was an unforgettable experience.

    James D
  • “Brilliant service and incredible experience. The staff and very friendly, the service is brilliant and the game rangers outstanding in their knowledge. We wish them all the very best in their great conservation efforts and would love to return.

    London, United Kingdom
  • Wow ! What an amazing place. I was lucky enough to meet velvet on my actual birthday and see her run. What an experience that was! Amazing, I can’t wait to go back.

  • “Amazing experience! We enjoyed every minute of our stay here. Lovely pool area, great service, friendly staff, gorgeous gardening, fantastic safari guides and lovely little cottages to stay in.”

    Oslo, Norway
  • “Wonderful Experience ! Inverdoorn was a real break, an unforgettable experience. If you go there, don’t forget to have a look at the sky by night, so beautiful…

    Caro B
    Paris, France
Our game reserve

This rambling, 10 000-hectare game reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife. Free-roaming animals include giraffes, hippos, zebras and the Big 5. The game reserve also manages a cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre, which has successfully released cheetahs to roam free in the main part of the reserve.

On your safari adventure, you will be able to capture the beauty of the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and the elusive leopard, which are called the Big Five. The game is thriving and during your safari you may come across herds of eland, gemsbok and zebra, or hippos wallowing in the dam. The rhinos, with their horns intact, are a distinct highlight at Inverdoorn, combined with the magic of walking with giraffes,  watching the cheetah run and interacting with a tamed cheetah.

Our conservation programs

In the heart of the Karoo, only a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the City, you will find a group a dedicated people giving their; lives to save wildlife within Africa. Our spacious enclosures and open grounds provide the visitors with a feeling of peace and tranquility and making wildlife feel right at home.

Perched atop a safari vehicle or standing in a lookout point within the heart of the reserve you will be lost in the awesome vastness which surrounds you, as well as the solitude of the Karoo. Rangers add a rich element of humor and storytelling to the safari with anecdotes of the animals, wildlife facts and, most importantly, the threats facing many species today.

Protecting Wildlife contributes to a thriving healthy world. Our mission is to create a better future for all wildlife in Africa…

Capecheetah was founded by Damian Vergnaud in 2001, after he saved an abandoned cub, making it his mission to rescue and rehabilitate other cheetahs from similar situations.

Safaris are an important educational step in creating awareness about rhino conservation in particular. Once you are familiar with the cause, you can take further steps to help save the rhino. Becoming aware of the problem is a big leap forward and for every guest that visits Inverdoorn and learns more about RhinoProtect, we hope that they will take the word further out into the world so that more people will become aware of the rhino’s battle against poaching.

Through going on a safari will assist in sharing the amazing wildlife of South Africa  as well as expanding upon their conservation aims and re-introduce many animals to the area, including elephants.

The dedicated team works together to raise awareness about the big cat’s plight, while also committing their time to the breeding and rehabilitation programmes.

SA Lifted the Ban on the Rhino Horn Trade

A lawsuit has brought that two rhino ranchers in South Africa had to  invalidate the countries rhino horn ban is upheld and resulted the governments appeal to be denied. There are three brief sentences, that states that the South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has legalised the rhino horn trade within South Africa again that…

Cheetah Report 30th May

The past months have been very exciting and emotional. The 21st of May Lotta gave birth, which obviously made us all very happy. She gave birth to 4 little balls of fur which now 5 weeks later have already grown so much. They have even started eating meat now and are extremely playful, exploring the whole…